Tuesday, September 5, 2017

=> POEM: "Our Cherished Yesterdays"

“This Poem is from “Heartfelt I-Poetry from the Heart”
(From my personal collection)

“Our Cherished Yesterdays”

If we could bring back
All of our yesterdays
Wrap them in
A neat little package
And then reopen it when   
Life becomes mundane
Our world would
Flourish with smiles
But we cannot
As life passes us by
We must remember
Lost minutes and hours
Though they may seem
Insignificant – superfluous
They made us who we are
Perhaps it is in the
Sorrow and pain
Joy and laughter
We can seek
New beginnings
Daisies in a meadow
A lover’s kiss
A child’s laughter
A mother’s devotion
A father’s smile         
Because in the end
Yesterday is an
Old memory
Today glimpses

If tomorrow
Never comes

Then …
Our yesterdays
Will become
Our loved ones

Thanks to YouTube: Roy Clark

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