Monday, September 4, 2017

=> POEM: "Violin Rhapsody"

 This Poem is from ...
"Heartfelt II--Life & Love"
(From my personal collection)


‘Violin Rhapsody’

I play a violin rhapsody
my soul to bare in the darkness
with only the moon to comfort my disparity.

Per chance the day will come
and judgment will vanish in the wind
‘til then I will dance within my very own idiom.

I’ll not worry about pleasing a soul
for I fit no mold—I am my own idiosyncrasy
in the night as my violin feeds me—makes me whole.

My rhapsody will cause me to soar
so let them talk—say I’m different—an oddity
I’ll show them all their hypocrisy only makes me roar.

Given the road I travel has always been rather unique
with my hair flying in the wind—I’ll dance
and I shall savor it as I reach my peak
while playing my very own
Violin Rhapsody.


* * * 
* * *  Thanks to 'YouTube' & Martha Pysko * * *

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