Saturday, September 2, 2017

=> POEM: Didja?

This Poem is from 
"Heartfelt I--Poetry from the Heart"
(From my personal collection)


Didja ever think wishing on a falling star
would take you very far?

Perhaps dream of days gone by
because time really does fly?

What about all those plans left undone
causing a lack of so much fun?

Didja ever stop to really ponder
and then realize time is a wonder?

When your yesterdays turn golden
will you really be beholdin’?

Is it possible that life is an illusion  
and there really is no conclusion?

Didja stop to think a butterfly’s flight
is the same as a child’s delight?

Or what about your lover’s touch
do you think about it very much?

Maybe those angry words you said
made you forget the day you wed.

Didja help a weary friend in need
So they wouldn’t have to bleed?

Put your pride on the line
when someone was unkind?

Do you ever think of the true fact
when it’s too late to backtrack?

Well ... didja?

* * *
* * * Thanks to 'You Tube' & Bradley Walker/Joey Feek * * *

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