Tuesday, September 5, 2017

=> POEM: "Mistake"

This poem is from 'Heartfelt I-Poetry from the Heart'
(From my personal collection)



I remember walking the same county road we used to enjoy
Window-shopping at the same stores that we frequented
Because everything became different after he left me
Time stood still and I felt suspended in mid-air
Where once we laughed and acted foolish
I paused, remembered, and then cried
Perchance, it wasn’t the lost love
Rather – I missed familiarity
Like a pair of old slippers
Hard to give up for new
I think of harsh words
Our parting sorrow
He said that we
Were a vast

Strange, but I never had the feeling that we were some mistake
While we made love, watched old movies, when we acted silly
He’d fix supper, and we’d kiss, then I’d serve up dessert
When she came along, then I became less important
She was excitement and I was swiftly annoying
I tried hard to prove that he wanted only me
I would do whatever, be whatever for him
Snippets of pride faded, I lost bits of me
Shades of gray entered my world, first
Then blackness of despair consumed
Reflections in the mirror, a stranger
Lost track of friends trying to help
They had no clue of my pain, angst
Self-pity became my truest friend
Or, so I thought, until I saw him
One day from a distance away
It was a stormy day in August
Their argument, the same one
We had when I was annoying
And she was oh, so exciting
My smile returned that day
As I saluted them with my
Empty cappuccino cup
Suddenly she was
His greatest

I walked home lighter of foot that day
The smile on my face felt wonderful
Because, at last I could love life
Free from the heavy weight
His love had burdened
My heart with – I
Knew at last
I will love

Once again, I found myself walking down the winding country road
With a bounce in my step, I cared not a bit about what used to be
I heard his voice call out to me—I stopped and turned to him
He wanted another chance, and he said how wrong he was
Miss Excitement wasn’t at all what he thought she’d be
He wanted me back because he had been such a fool
He mistook my smile, thought it was forgiveness
He tried to take me into his arms, but I pushed
And shoved him away from me with a smile
I told him how mistaken he was --- how
I like being annoying and unexciting
Because where once we were a
Big mistake, as he had said
I reinforced to him that
What he was to me
Was a bigger* * * 
* * *
* * *  Thanks to 'YouTube' & Bonnie Tyler * * *

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